When you or a loved one has been injured because of someone’s negligence, why should you be stuck with the bills? When accidents happen, you need a tireless advocate to work for you. Mark A. Vicknair, Attorney at Law will fight for you, and work hard to get you what you deserve. Over the past two decades, he has helped people recover millions of dollars throughout Southeastern Louisiana. His experience is in personal injury cases, but he also practices in other areas such as:


What is a “Personal Injury” Case?

Personal injury cases refer to any situation in which someone has been injured either on purpose or by accident, and someone else may be at fault. Although these cases are typically resolved through early, informal settlements between the parties and their insurers, some cases are more complicated and require further action.

An informal settlement is the most common type of settlement in personal injury cases. It usually involves a negotiation between the two parties, their lawyers, and their insurers, and eventually a monetary agreement. On the other hand, a lawsuit is a personal injury lawsuit. It happens when a private individual files a complaint against another party which he or she believes is responsible for the damage caused. The case is brought to a civil court where a judge decides the settlement.

Common Types of Personal Injury

Sometimes, people are reluctant to pursue legal action in personal injury cases because they don’t think it applies to their situation. In reality, there are lots of different circumstances that warrant action. Some of the most common are car accidents, premises liability, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence or abuse, workplace accidents, and animal attacks.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury related to any of these categories, they may be entitled to damages. It is important to act quickly to ensure that you submit your case within the statute of limitations.


If you win your personal injury case, or come to a settlement, you will likely be able to recover damages. Damages are essentially monetary compensations for things like medical bills, property damage, automobile damage, emotional stress, lost earnings, and more.

Recovering damages can mend some of the stress that comes with a personal injury, but you need a credible and experienced attorney on your side to get you what you are owed.

Legal Representation

Mark A. Vicknair will stick with you through every step of the legal process, no matter how long or complicated your case is. Don’t you want to rest assured that you have someone with experience on your side? Vicknair has won millions of dollars back for his countless clients over the past 20 years. When you are working with him, you are in good hands.

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