New Orleans is home to Tulane University and Loyola University—two of the most prestigious schools in the country. Securing admission into one of these institutions can start you off on a journey towards a very bright future, but a university code of conduct violation can put that bright future at risk.

Conduct and Disciplinary Hearings

At both Loyola and Tulane, students found in violation of the university code of conduct can be subject to disciplinary action, which can range in seriousness from a warning for a first offense all the way to expulsion. Both universities utilize conduct or disciplinary hearings to determine whether an infraction occurred and to mete out penalties to students found in violation of the institution’s code of conduct.

Disciplinary Hearing Rules and Procedures

Disciplinary hearing rules differ slightly between Tulane and Loyola, but both schools allow accused students to acquire the assistance of an advisor. The advisor’s role is to educate the student about the hearing process, help the student prepare statements and questions to be presented at the hearing, and accompany the student to the hearing. The advisor does not serve as a spokesperson or defense counsel during the hearing.

At Tulane, an attorney can serve as your advisor if you are charged with the violation of section III.E of the university’s code of conduct, which includes gender-based infractions such as sexual misconduct, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and other similar behaviors. At Loyola University, a student can select an attorney as his or her advisor for any violation.

Affordable Legal Assistance for Disciplinary Hearings

If you or your child is facing a disciplinary hearing at Loyola or Tulane University, Mark A. Vicknair, Attorney at Law is ready to help. Vicknair is a graduate of Tulane University and an experienced attorney in the New Orleans area. He can ensure that students facing disciplinary hearings are fully informed and fully prepared to defend themselves during the hearing process. For a free consultation, get in touch with our office today.