Marijuana & Drug Charge Lawyer

Legal matters involving marijuana or other illegal drugs can be complicated and serious. However, you have rights and Mark A. Vicknair will fight for them. If you have a drug charge attorney Mark A. Vicknair can review your case and represent you. He will listen to your story because he wants what is best for you. When you are facing drug charges in Louisiana, Mr. Vicknair understands how worrisome and troubling that can be. Mr. Vicknair can help you with cases involving:

Mr. Vicknair can help you with the following types of cases:

Marijuana arrest

Drug charges

Narcotics possession or distribution

Mr. Vicknair is a former Orleans Parish Municipal Court Prosecutor and Orleans Parish Public Defender, so he is familiar with the local criminal justice system. He has worked on thousands of marijuana and drug possession cases. He has worked diligently for many a defendant to get a drug charge expunged. If you have a drug charge lawyer Mark A. Vicknair who has the experience and know how to best represent you. Get an attorney that will protect your rights in the courtroom. He is waiting to hear your side of the story, so call his office now.


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